What Is #FriFotos?


#FriFotos is a twitter hashtag for weekly photo sharing based on a theme. It takes place every Friday and has three regular hosts: @EpsteinTravels (the founder) plus @CharlesYap and @TravelDesigned, plus a couple of guest co-hosts.

What’s the Theme?

The theme is announced on Tuesdays at 12pm ET (as that’s where @EpsteinTravels is based). The hosts will share the chosen theme during the week in case you miss the announcement.

That gives you a few days to look through your photos or maybe take a few new ones.

The theme is usually quite general so it’s open to interpretation. For example, ‘summer’ could be photos of anything that happens in your summertime: swimming in the sea, playing games, drinking cocktails, music festivals, playing on the beach, hiking in the mountains, sitting on the grass, flowers, sunny views, etc. But do stick to the theme as posting snow photos for a ‘hot’ theme makes no sense.

How Do I Get Involved?

On the Friday you just share your photos and include the #FriFotos hashtag. It’s as simple as that! The hosts retweet some of the highlights to share your photo with a new audience.

What About Copyright?

No-one is taking your photo from you and you still have full ownership. This is just a way to share photos. You can upload the photo directly to twitter or share a link from Facebook (check your permission levels allow the photo to be seen though). Or you can upload your photo to Flickr and share a link from there or from your own blog or website. The photo is still yours and the idea is simply to celebrate a theme and enjoy some great photographs.


#FriFotos last all day long on each Friday so you don’t have to worry about posting at the right time. The hosts are spread across the world so someone will be there to admire your photo whenever you share it. It’s not based on one time zone and is most definitely for everybody.


For fun! Because great images make us happy. No-one makes any money from being involved with #FriFotos; it’s just enjoyable.


This post was written as I’m a guest host on Friday 27 July 2014 but the information may be helpful for any week.


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