In With The Lemurs


ZSL London Zoo is constantly updating the animal enclosures and now chooses ‘walk through’ exhibits over caged animals as often as possible. Obviously, this is better for the animals as they have more space to roam and it’s great for visitors as we get to go in with the animals and see them up close.


The latest walk through exhibit is In with the Lemurs which opened on 28 March 2015. There’s a troop of 15 ring-tail lemurs and one black and white ruffed lemur (called Storm). The walk through has been designed to imitate the Madagascan shrub forest so the primates can climb and leap over your head.

Meet Storm. He was hanging out inside when I visited.

There’s also an indoor area that’s a replica timber mill highlighting the effect the industry has on the lemurs’ wild habitat.

This gives you more of an idea how close you can get to the lemurs.
Lemurs love sunbathing!

It’s not a huge space but it is large enough to see the lemurs frolicking and they do seem happy and content.

We had a great day out at ZSL London Zoo and stayed for over 5 hours but still didn’t see everything. We did spend quite a bit of time looking into tanks and enclosures wondering if there were animals in there or not which is another reason these walk through exhibits are so good as you know the animals are there. Rainforest Life is nearby and always worth the time, as is Butterfly Paradise which we visited twice.

I’ve updated the London Zoo visitor pages on the London Travel site to include all you need to know to plan a great day out.

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